Study and Teaching Winter 2006/2007
Group of Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn

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Tuesdays, 17 - 19h
BIS, Room 408
Seminar on Theoretical Cell Biology: Mechanisms and Models of Cell Migration W. Alt, J. Kappler (Physiol. Chem.), G. Kirfel (Cell Biol.)
Timegroup I
23.10. - 17.11.2006
BIS, Room 408/409
Mathematical models and computer simulations in microbiology and biotechnology (in english) W. Alt d. J. Kreft
Timegroup II
20.11. - 15.12.2006
BIS, Room 408/409
Model based data processing in Neuro- and Cellbiology W. Alt
Timegroup III
25.09. - 6.10.2006
BIS, Room 408/409
Computer Course on Systems Biology - Simulation Models in Life Sciences W. Alt
Wednesdays, 17 - 19h
BIS, Room 408
Molecular Biophysics W. Alt d. M. Rost