Study and Teaching Winter 2002/2003
Department for Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn

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Tuesday, 17 - 19h
BIS, Room 408
Evolution and Game Theory W. Alt, E. Geigant und M. Rost
Timegroup I
21.10. - 15.11.2002
BIS, Room 409
Modelling and Simulation in Microbiology and Biotechnology W. Alt d. J. Kreft und J. Lenz
Timegroup II
25.11. - 20.12.2002
BIS, Room 409
Analysing Data in Physiology and Molecular Biology W. Alt
Monday 13 - 15h
BIS, CIP-Pool 1st floor
Biological Simulation Studio W. Alt
Thursday 12h
Nu▀allee 15, Mathematical Seminar, lecture-room
Biomathematical Colloquium Bonn M. Baur, H.-P. Helfrich, W. Alt