Studies and Teaching Summer 2005
Department for Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn

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Wednesdays 17-19h
IZ, Gartensaal
8161 Theories of language development - philosophical, biological and linguistic aspects W. Alt, A. Bartels, H. Lyre, S. Perry, B. Schröder
17. - 19.5.2005
8162 Theories and simulations of immune systems W. Alt and staff
Time group II
23.05. - 17.06.2005
BIS, Room 408/409
8122 Models and Simulations in Ecology and Evolution W. Alt d. J. Kreft and M. Rost
Time group IV
26.09. - 07. 10. 2004
BIS, Room 408
8142 Computer course on recent systems biology: Simulation models in life sciences W. Alt
Tuesdays 13-15h
IZMB, CIP-Pool 1.Floor
(begins: 12.04.2005)
8073 "Biosystems Theory"
Theory of Science and Model Creation for Biological Systems
W. Alt
Wednesdays 10-12h
IAM, Wegelerstr. 10, Seminar Room 251
(begins: 27.4.2005)
6639 Scale invariance, renormalisation and critical phenomena