Wolfgang Alt
Department for Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn

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Wolfgang Alt

Should there be a profession called Mathematical Modeller, I am working as one in biology, with an emphasis on "theories and models of biological motion" and here mainly in the fields of cellular biology and senso-motoric behavioural and communicational research. The methods I use for building of models, simulation and analysis include random processes, stochastic or deterministic differential equations, model-based statistical methods and numerical simulation algorithms.

The interdisciplinary collaboration evolving in our local group includes colleagues and collaborators from diverse bological and medical institutions as well as from physico-chemical, physical institutions, applied mathematics, biometry and computer science or philosophical and historical sciences.

In country-wide and european research cooperations and in the education of students of biology, mathematics and computer science we commit to strengthening the mathematical and theoretical biology and to the advancement of the philosophy of science and the history of biology.

You can find more details on our work on the pages of this website and in the listings of my research activities and publications below.