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Yes, we do have a disclaimer. It is on our German disclaimer page and it is in German language only. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Yes, these pages have been optimised. But instead of optimising for the big light blue e or the lizard or even the lynx, we decided to optimise these pages for you!

We are aware of all these annoying compatibility flaws of current browsers that make it hard to publish standard-conforming HTML, CSS or XHTML, as standardised by the W3C. But we are trying hard, we are working on it. So, if you encounter a bug, an issue, please let us know! We are testing with several browsers on more than that one operating system where you have to click start to shut down. But it would be nice if your bug report came with a description and a screenshot.


Once upon a time spam was simply a British brand of tinned meat which could like or not. Then, Monty Python started a cult. And years later, when the internet became a crowded place, there came the spammers of the internet. And this is not funny any more.

Email has been a favoured, fast asynchronous communication for a long time. We like it. But we hate spam. We don't want any spam! We will never ever purchase anything from a business that advertises it's products via spam. So leave it be! Don't spam us! It's simply annoying.

So annoying that some in our department decided not to publish their email addresses on our homepage. Because, sadly, there are search bots, specialised search engines, spidering web pages to harvest email addresses for the data bases of spammers. We are still looking for a good solution of this problem that would allow us to present our addresses in a way that is convenient to you, but incomprehensible to these search bots. Please bear with us.