European Communications of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB)
Group of Theoretical Biology at the University of Bonn

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The European Communications of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB) constitute a public organ of communication of the European Society of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB) for exchanging information and ideas. The newest electronic versions of ECMTB are freely accessible on the net for everyone interested.

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ECMTB presents news, information and reports on all topics which may be of interest to scientists working in the fields of mathematical biology, theoretical biology, biophysics, and bioinformatics. ECMTB conveys news of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, and it features work group presentations, reports on past events (like conferences, workshops, meetings), papers on the history of theoretical biology, an elaborate list of new books and book reviews, and short announcements of coming events.

Former issues of ECMTB also contained scientific papers, which used to be refereed, however, from issue 4, october 02, on no further scientific contributions are published. Instead, from 2003 on the Journal of Mathematical Biology serves as the official journal of the Society (ESMTB) and has two pages in each issue (8 times per yearly volume) reserved for printing brief information or contributions from Society members. In addition, the Communications (ECMTB) continues to appear and mainly publishes longer contributions and long term informations, requests and presentations by all biomathematicians or theoretical biologists who are interested to send in their text. Soon the Board of the Society (ESMTB) will shape an Editorial Committee responsible for all these publications.

ECMTB's predecessor, the Biomathematical Newsletter (BMN), was started by Wolfgang Alt, Hans-Peter Hadeler and Josef Hofbauer in the late 1980's as a means for exchange of information in the biomathematical and biotheoretical community. After the Society of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology was founded in Lyon in 1992, the Biomathematics Newsletter became its official organ of communication. BMN's editors (at the side of the never-tiring Wolfgang Alt) are (or were) Hans Heesterbeek, Beate Pfistner and Edith Geigant. Following issue 19 of BMN, major changes were decided, e.g. to publish refereed scientific papers, to improve layout and to change the journals name into ECMTB. Andrea de Gaetano became one of the editors and until recenctly was responsible for printing and shipping ECMTB from Rome.

ECMTB has two issues per year, first in spring, second in autumn. The present editors of ECMTB are Wolfgang Alt, Hans Heesterbeek, Vlastimil Krivan and Frithjof Lutscher. Reports, information, comments are always welcome. Please send these to one of the editors, preferably via e-mail:,, or

The editorial team is in urgent need of reinforcement. If you are interested, please contact one of the editors.